Friday, October 10, 2008

State Service

Last weekend, in New Bern, my term as president of the state association ended. It was a fun run, but long... and it was time for a new person to step in and assume the reins. I'm looking forward to what Katie and Suzanne and Jenny will do.

It was an honor to serve my fellow reporters, trying to make sure they stayed in touch with each other, with what's happening locally, and what's happening in the world of court reporting. We are working in an ever-changing field, fully loaded with technology and information. In order to stay current, we must be vigilant. I hope I helped.

My term was capped off, after turning over the gavel to the new president, by an award of a plaque thanking me for my service. Wasn't expecting it. Nope, sure wasn't. I do this stuff because I love what I do. But to know my peers appreciate me doing it, that's REALLY NICE. It will be hanging in my office very soon.

But I won't stop giving, I promise. Thanks for the ride, my friends.