Monday, March 25, 2013

Becoming a Better Mentor

As you all know, I love mentoring.  This profession has given so much to me that I believe it is only right that I pay it forward.  I'm currently mentoring five students (FIVE!) and a few recent graduates as well.  I love that my "babies" also become my friends and colleagues.

I've decide to step up my game a bit as a mentor.  I'm going to take vocabulary words from my cases - whether it's reporting or proofreading - and develop a weekly list for my mentees.  They can add the words to their dictionaries, look them up if they need to, and generally increase their knowledge base so they'll have an even better foundation once they are out in the world of reporting.

I've also thought about adding suggestions for brief forms and theory choices, homophones to be aware of.  I do not consider myself to be THE expert on reporting, but I've done enough depositions, hearings, trials, etc, that I have a sound basis in vocabulary (and research thereof!) that I can pass on these things with confidence.

Hopefully the tidbits I share will assist the new reporters-to-be on their journey.

How are you paying it forward?