Friday, May 25, 2012

Time flies when you're...

So the saying goes that "time files when you're having fun."  It's true, it certainly does.  It also flies when you have a lot on your plate and very little time to sit back and relax (believe me, I wanted to!).

That said, I'm back.  I've had interesting work and health issues going on for the past few months and I think we're about back on an even keel.  I hope.

In a nutshell, here's what I've been up to:

  • Tried to join a health club, needed doctor's permission, which led to all kinds of doctor appointments and a surgery to come the end of June.  But I did get the gym membership
  • Got assigned a new "baby" reporter to mentor and got to meet her in Vegas for a training course and then see her again in her home state (California)
  • Picked up another NC Innocence Inquiry Commission hearing to report/transcribe
  • Scoped in daily copy several big cases
  • Trained a friend on how to do what I do; trained a reporter on how to use the voice technology
  • Supported a friend on a life-changing venture
  • Did a training session for myself (in my favorite venue, Vegas)
  • Had an actual vacation with my husband in San Francisco

No wonder I've not been around!  Wow!

And on my plate now:

  • Research into the Associate of Spanish Language program at Wake Tech
  • Practicing for the realtime tests for voice and steno
  • Continue to mentor the new reporter AND new scopist
  • Have surgery and heal up well
  • Plan for the next trips, wherever they may be
  • Work on a sales pitch for a travel program (this is cool)
  • Work with a deck builder on designing a lovely space for our backyard

But I promise that I'll get back here more often.
And I'll also delve into each of the items above individually.  It's definitely been a "life lesson" on several of them!

Until then... Happy Memorial Day and, if you're military or military family, THANK YOU.