Monday, October 19, 2009

Unplug for an hour... you'll live!

So the Stenotraveler became a regular traveler this past weekend. A fun trip - with no steno machine, computer, or translation key in sight. That said, I did have my smartphone.

What amazes me, though, is people who just can't turn it off for an hour or two. Seriously. We have so little "down time" anymore - we're always connected - that I love the time I spend in an airplane. I can read. Nap. Watch a movie. Or chat up my seatmate.

Last night the woman in the seat next to me NEVER TURNED OFF HER SMARTPHONE! Now, she turned it on "silent" so it wouldn't ring, but as soon as we were up above 10k feet, she was on the email the entire flight (it was a whopping 45-MINUTE FLIGHT!!). I kept shooting her dirty looks. Amazing.

Now it may be that the smartphones and other electronics do not affect the equipment (at least that's what we've been given to believe b/c of the 9/11 heroes) but still, if the airline wants you to turn of your electronics for 15 minutes, you should do it. It's their plane, their rules. And you just never know. I'd hate to think that a stupid email about someone's travel plans for two months down the road might cause a problem in the flight and ruin the evening for 119 other people on the plane.

Just saying.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Starting over - Revitalizing the School

Last week I was part of an incredible group of people who came together to discuss how the court reporting program at LCC could be revamped to become more successful and more relevant.

We have the President of the college, VP of Curricula, Dean of Technology programs, Registrar, and two other admins - that's just from the college. Several colleagues came from all over or participated by telephone. We even had a local judge offer his comments.

The program pretty much withered and died over the past couple years, changing from a brick-and-mortar program and morphing into an online program; alas, it could not make its changes adequately. The uniqueness of the program, though, still entices the administration and they want to move forward.

The entire program is being looked at from the job description for the teacher and any assistants, the entire two-year program and course offerings, the methods to be taught (voice and steno), the delivery methods, etc.

With all the great minds participating, if it doesn't work, it won't be for lack of trying.

If you have ANY input that you would like me to share with the Advisory Board, please let me know!