Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remote Access

You know, with a name like "Stenotraveler" you would think I would already have the ability to access my home computer by now.  Got an email from a client wondering if I could send a transcript.  Um, well, I'm about 2 hours away and staying for a few nights.  So I have to contact my husband to see if he can locate what I need (a challenge that I believe he is up to!) and then email it to me so I can forward it to my client. 

Of course, in this instance, having something like "GoToMyPC" wouldn't help as the file is not resident on the computer, but a lot of my other pending things are.  As is my accounting software.  My ability to access my reserve backup drive that is attached to the desktop... hmm.  Makes a girl wonder about adding another subscription.

Bottom line is that I was not able to provide the best service to my client because I was unprepared.  not a good feeling.  so I guess I better start a subscription pretty quickly.  How do you handle being out of town and needing to access YOUR computer (life?).

Happy retrievals!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


My assignment is usually in Wake County (Raleigh) at the Business Court location there.  The week of January 24, I was assigned to a trial in the Guilford County (Greensboro) Business Court.  (their regular reporter was out of town on grandbaby detail!)

Little did I think that this case was going to go THREE weeks.  Yes, you heard me.  As of Friday, we had not finished the case.  I've been working hard all day, every day, and have enjoyed it.  The Business Court in either locale is a wonderful place to work; it is not in the courthouse, so the hustle and bustle of regular court work isn't there.  We have a dedicated courtroom, our own personnel, and it's just a nice place to spend 8 hours a day.

As I said, it is not my usual assignment.  I got lucky.  And I've brought my A game.  Already did a few hundred pages of rough drafts.  I'm building my voice engine nicely.  And my stamina has not deserted me.  Now, if this thing appeals, I'll be busy for a few MORE weeks, but in the end, because I'm doing such a great job during the day, it won't be THAT painful to edit.

When you commit to doing your best, the plum assignments will show up.  It's amazing.
Happy Serendipitous Moments!