Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Countdown to RV Road Trip (2 weeks out)

The RV road trip effectively starts on Christmas Day.

Mom is driving down from New York state the weekend before Christmas, and then we head off to Atlanta to visit family on Christmas Day... and then the trip begins in earnest on the 27th, when Al heads back home to NC and Mom and I start our cross-country trek to Tucson, AZ.

I haven't even begun to pack.
My Christmas shopping isn't quite finished yet, either.

How do two women over 40 pack lightly so that they may live together in an RV for three weeks? (Mom's staying in Arizona for three MONTHS - so I can't hog too much space)

And what MUST I take with me??
Not looking forward to the weekend before Christmas, when all these decisions must be made.


1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...pants you can wear more than once, sweatshirts, long-sleeve t-shirts and a box of laundry detergent so you can find laundromats along the way!
    Have a great trip!