Tuesday, December 18, 2007

RV Prep - One Week Out

It's amazing how we can procrastinate. Here it is, one week before Christmas. The Christmas letter is drafted, but not printed; cards are addressed, but not stuffed (letter isn't done); presents aren't wrapped, nor are the ones that need to be shipped OUT yet; and I haven't packed a thing for the RV trip.

This doesn't mean I've not been thinking about it. I have. With DREAD! How in the world do I survive three weeks with what amounts to two pieces of small luggage AND my computer? We'll be running the gamut of temperatures, from lows in the 20s and 30s, all the way up to the mid 60s. I have to be able to manage the luggage by myself on the end run, too, so the luggage can't be too unwieldy for the airport. Not to mention that an RV has little to no free space to store that kind of stuff.

The good news is that the iPod is working well and I have a charge block for it. Still need up upload some of my CDs to iTunes, but that's a project I can do this weekend while wrapping up the work details. (Of course, all the gadgetry takes up space, what with the cords and the power blocks... note to self: leave room in the computer case for all the electronic stuff.)

I'm sure by Christmas Eve I will be all packed and ready to go. I have to remember to pack the US National Parks Pass to get my passport stamps. I'll even make sure to pack the extra AA batteries for my digital camera. I just joined Walgreens' site, so I can upload photos for printing - anywhere in the U.S.

Happy Christmas prep, y'all.

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