Friday, December 28, 2007

RV Trip - Days 2, 3, 4

I wasn't able to get online at all yesterday, the actual first day of the "official" road trip - service in our KOA in Mississippi was nonexistent. Here's the synopsis:

Day 2, Wednesday, 26 December
Marietta, GA, visiting with brother and fiancee' - we were able to see where the wedding will be and stroll around the historic downtown in Marietta.

Day 3, Thursday, 27 December
Travel from Marietta, GA, to Meridian, MS. We dropped off Al at the local Waffle House so that he could hitch a ride with Tyler to Nashville and then fly back... of course, his flight was affected by weather-related delays and he didn't make it back to RDU until almost midnight.

Our day was typical for RV travel - with all its challenges. Our dining room slide was not staying put (creeping up to 2 inches). Mom had taken the RV in for service (apparently bad solenoids) before she left, but they were not able to get the parts. So, instead, every two hours when we stop to use a restroom, we also bring in the slide.

And we have electronic issues too! Apparently there's a short in the wiring for the hydraulic levelers - even though they're up fully, they sometimes set off the beeping - for no reason, just because!

Day 4, Friday, 28 December
Meridian, MS, to Vidalia, LA. We woke up to warm weather (65 degrees) and damp - nice rain overnight - and were on the road by around 10:30 a.m. There was a little rain as we traversed Mississippi. We traveled I-20 and stopped in Vicksburg and visited the Civil War battle site (got a nice stamp!). We then took US 61 south and picked up the Natchez Trace (beautiful), and drove through Natchez. We crossed the Mighty Mississippi (didn't like the bridge) and then we settled in at an RV park on the Louisiana side. We have a lovely view out the front windscreen over into Natchez. The Riverboat we see (it's a casino) is sparkly on the water.

This is the good stuff.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!! Have safe travels and I look forward to reading more!