Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 9 - to Alpine, Texas

The Chihuahuan desert - beautiful desolation.

We left 3 Rivers RV park, dropped in at Amistad National Recreation Area, and began our long drive across US 90. Towns were few and far between; water, even with the Rio Grande to our south, sparse. This is desert, pure and simple. The ground was covered with creosote, prickly pear, and other desert-dwelling vegetation.

The posters on Mom's RV bulletin board touted this route as an alternate to I-10, and suggested the Texas Welcome Center at Langtry as a place to stop. Langtry is a very small town, but it has a colorful history - apparently there was a justice of the peace (the infamous Judge Roy Bean) that was quite the character - I'll have the photos of his "office" uploaded on the slideshow.

We made our way to Alpine - we'll save Big Bend for another time, with a smaller vehicle - and did some shopping at this quaint little town. Mom got some Texas beef barbecue. I, of course, did not!

We're hoping that our pipes (et cetera) will NOT freeze this evening - they're predicting about 24 degrees. In the morning we're crossing the time zone line (into Mountain), passing through El Paso, crossing over into New Mexico, and stopping in Las Cruces. White Sands National Monument will be our first stop on Friday, before turning west again toward Tucson.

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