Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vacation Sickness

Have you ever gone on vacation and gotten sick? I have, many times. Not this time, though; instead, it was Mom's turn.

I've found that as you're preparing to go on your trip, you're really in high gear and trying to get all the pending things done so that you don't have to worry... And, once you finally stop and have the opportunity to enjoy the vacation, BAM, you get sick.

For Mom, the solo driving from NY to our house with only a short rest, the stress of the holidays and meeting new family members (bro's prospective in-laws), and then driving across the country, was apparently too much for her immune system. She's been down for the count since Monday night - with a sinus infection.

She's feeling better today, so we're headed into downtown Tucson and U of A and then perhaps down toward the artist village of Tubac. We had to reschedule the warranty work that we were going to do yesterday for Friday (but the parts weren't in anyway), and tomorrow is still up in the air.

So the lesson to be learned is: don't get overstressed before you leave for vacation, take your vitamins, AND make sure you're aware of how your medical insurance works in case you need to visit an urgent care or have your doc call in a prescription!

Happy Mid-Week!

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