Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Murphy's Law Strikes!

Friday, my first day, was kind of a recon mission. I spent the morning in Wake County superior court shadowing the official reporter. Nice easy hearing, two-plus hours, and done by lunchtime. That's the kind of day I would LOVE to have!

Fast forward to Monday, my first day of trial. Realtime wouldn't work with my new notebook computer. Tried lots of permutations. Ended up having to go out to my truck for my BACKUP notebook (I believe in a redundant system, and here's a prime example of why). Got my system up and running, with realtime. Phew!

Backup recorder didn't work. (Our system requires two audio backups.) Tried with batteries instead of plug. Nope, no go. Well, that's all right, I can play with my NEW digital recorder. Hallelujah, THAT worked.

Ten minutes before court starts... ladies and gentlemen, you'll need to exit the courthouse. We ended up standing outside, nice day (thankfully!), in the parking lot for about 40 minutes while the bomb squad made sure there really was NOT a bomb in the building.

Oh My GOD!

And today, well, let's just say that my computer decided to have a meltdown, right when I was finishing up the rough drafts (two!) that were requested of me today. And we're not even finished with the first witness. This transition is going to be a bear...

But I'm strong. I beat cancer. How hard can this be??

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