Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday morning scramble!

Picture yourself on a Monday morning. Your schedule says you're "on the board," meaning available to be picked up to go anywhere. Two cups of coffee and you're sitting in your gym clothes in front of the computer...

Ring, ring.
Yep, it's your scheduler. Head of to Durham! ASAP. Regular reporter is sick, so as soon as you can get there. Phew, glad I hadn't left for the gym yet.

Hair's a disaster, gotta change clothes, put on makeup, make sure I have my equipment (hey, it's been COLD down south lately) and boogie on over to Durham. We're on the record 90 minutes later... for two civil motions.

Love civil. Did I mention that already? Saw a former client (he shaved his mustache!) and met a new (to me) judge.

Best thing? Short day... back home by 2 p.m. Back in my gym clothes. Still haven't worked out, though.

Wonder what tomorrow will hold?

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