Monday, April 6, 2009

Time flies...

You can tell when you get busy in this profession - you stop posting to your favorite places. There are transcripts to produce, forms to fill out, and all of a sudden, a month has passed.

It's amazing that we get so much accomplished in our time away from the office. Cleaning, cooking, spending time with friends - I mean, after all, we still have to produce transcripts. This job isn't JUST working the daylight hours when you're writing; oh, no, you still have to edit, proofread, and finalize. And let's not forget, sleep.

One of the greatest skills a court reporter can have is the ability to manage their time well. Sometimes I feel right on the ball - and then others (more, it seems) I feel like time is managing me.

Here's hoping that I get a better handle on it - and that you all already have a great handle on your time management and to-do lists. :)

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