Monday, April 26, 2010

Always Strive to Grow

So I had a job interview on Friday - for a managerial position which at first blush looks like a really good fit. Only time will tell, however, if it happens.

One of the key things that was brought home to me in the interview was the importance of life-long learning and continuing to strive to challenge yourself and better your skills. This position doesn't require much reporting, but it was stressed to the interviewer that simply because it wasn't a 40-hour in-court job didn't mean that I would give up my desire to get my realtime certification. I also shared that I would be willing to take a certificate program to get better familiarized with an aspect of this position (HR) that I have only hands-on experience with.

Being passionate about our profession and being willing to continue to push ourselves is what makes us stand out a little bit more. I love my career and want to continually want to push the limits. I sure hope that that passion came across. And even if I don't get the position, I will still keep taking my CRR/RVR certification examinations until I pass and I will work on the Trial Presentation certificate... and maybe that HR class too.

NEVER rest on your laurels. There is no limit to what we can learn except our lack of willingness to do so.

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