Saturday, July 24, 2010

Preparing for the Adventure

Convention season is upon us!  NCRA's annual convention starts in less than two weeks - but my convention adventure begins next Sunday for the "preconvention" board meetings.  Technically I'm not on the board (yet, hopefully), but I'll be spending Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before convention trying to be a sponge and listening and learning as much as I can about the position of Director and what it means to be a member of a volunteer board.

My preparation, though, is beginning already.  I've been trying to write my speech for the annual membership meeting, and can't quite get it right.  Five minutes is the limit - and I promise not to even make that, even though many will be surprised! - and it's really been a tough challenge to develop a good speech.  Last year's, I thought, was pretty good; alas, I don't think I can reuse and recycle my Lao Tzu speech.  The CART provider will be happy.

I'm also wrapping up all transcript requests, my month-end paperwork, and, of course (I'm a girl after all) all the personal stuff that needs to be done (you know, hair, nails, etc.)

Then, of course, there's the packing.  How do you plan for a week-long trip?  You have to have business outfits, casual outfits, middle-of-the-road outfits, and workout gear (I'm being hopeful here).  Then there's shoes and accessories, toiletries, paperwork, tour book (gotta find a nice place to hang out of an evening - especially on Thursday), and all the other extras that I'm sure I'll need and hopefully won't forget.  I imagine I'll find my way to a local Macy's or something in the next few days just to shore up my wardrobe.

I love going to convention.  Every year, it seems I learn something new and come home with an extra "zing" in my step and attitude.  This convention, however, feels a bit more momentous.  I'm going to try and go into it relaxed - that's why preparation is happening so far in advance.  But I have no doubt I'll be running to a local pharmacy/drugstore to pick up something I've forgotten. 

One thing I promise, though - I'll have a good time.  See you there!

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