Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remote Access

You know, with a name like "Stenotraveler" you would think I would already have the ability to access my home computer by now.  Got an email from a client wondering if I could send a transcript.  Um, well, I'm about 2 hours away and staying for a few nights.  So I have to contact my husband to see if he can locate what I need (a challenge that I believe he is up to!) and then email it to me so I can forward it to my client. 

Of course, in this instance, having something like "GoToMyPC" wouldn't help as the file is not resident on the computer, but a lot of my other pending things are.  As is my accounting software.  My ability to access my reserve backup drive that is attached to the desktop... hmm.  Makes a girl wonder about adding another subscription.

Bottom line is that I was not able to provide the best service to my client because I was unprepared.  not a good feeling.  so I guess I better start a subscription pretty quickly.  How do you handle being out of town and needing to access YOUR computer (life?).

Happy retrievals!

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