Friday, April 8, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates ...

I think about this quote from Forrest Gump as it applies to my career in court reporting quite a bit, and especially as it applies to my position as a roving reporter for our state.  This week had a very interesting box of chocolates on offer to me.

The first two days of my week were spent in Caswell County in a toxic tort case that counsel requested daily copy transcript in.  Fortunately, it was a bench trial and not very long.  And, fortunately, I didn't have two FULL days; rather, just about a day and a half.  I completed the daily copy transcripts same day (evenings, though late). 

Wednesday found me in Durham taking down some constitutional argument.  We all know that I'm one of those odd court reporters who loves to take down argument.  I find it mentally stimulating.  Some people love trials; me, I love motions.  Wednesday was no different.  I was not just reporting, but I was paying attention.  This sounds funny, I'm sure; but as most court reporters know, sometimes when we are reporting, we're hearing, but not always actively listening.  I was actively listening to the very interesting case.

Thursday I found myself in Johnston County (Smithfield) in a special proceeding about a land partition and timber.  And Friday, I was back in Johnston County again, in a criminal administrative session.

That was a well-rounded week, I think.  I found myself called upon to perform at the top of my game in terms of production, being mentally challenged by the legal argument, learning about timber and timber prices, and then hearing motions to suppress and pleas. 

My box of chocolates was wonderfully diverse.  I hope to continue to be gifted with the variety that is court reporting for a long time to come.

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