Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to be Inspiring!

I was invited to speak at the Greater Washington Shorthand Reporters Association for their fall meeting.  To be included on the speaker list was humbling - the list of luminaries of the profession is daunting!  I'll try.

There was no real set topic for a good long while; eventually, it became "Staying Relevant" geared toward officials, but I think it is a good topic for all of us.

I don't profess to be any sort of expert; I can just share my experiences both from the courthouse and the freelance arena.  I've worked with realtime reporters and reporters who don't do realtime.  I can share observations of perceptions of reporters that I've gleaned from attorneys, judges, clerks, etc.  It's a scary thing out there, folks, when our destinies are not controlled by us.  The good news is that we CAN have a direct influence on the people who DO have control over our destinies.  We can educate them.  We can SHOW them the untapped potential that they have in their cases (discovery, impeachment, trial prep) if they utilize us to our full potential.

Of course, that means that WE have to be living up to our true potential and skill.  So I hope that I can inspire one or two folks to up their game or help their colleagues move to the next level.

See you in Alexandria!

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