Saturday, January 5, 2008

Acclimating to Tucson

Cactus Country RV Park is awesome! It's significantly east of town and very comfortable. We did have to move to a different site - the first site only had 30-amp service, and we asked for 50-amp service. Trying to figure out which of your lights, computers, heaters, etc, to have on without blowing a fuse would've driven Mom crazy - heck, it was stressful even in one night.

This morning we called Enterprise - we are a ways out, remember - to come pick us up. Took four phone calls and 90 minutes to get picked up. The good news is that instead of the Chevy Aveo (compact) that I had booked - come on, I'm cheap! - they upgraded us to a Pontiac G6. What's awesome is that I have been wanting to test drive one, and I get to do it. It's nice - but very LOW! For me used to my Tahoe, and then this RV, being one of the lowest cars on the road was a little freaky. But it has great pep and handles fantastic.

So, after that ordeal, we headed for Mimi's for lunch (quiche) and then made our way to San Xavier del Bac, the northernmost Franciscan mission of the original Spanish mission-building extravaganza. This mission and church building had fallen into disrepair until the late nineties, when a not-for-profit group started raising funds to restore it. As of this date the exterior is not finished, but the chapel itself is. It is wonderful.

And, the best part of going to the White Dove of the Desert is the Indian fry bread. Every Saturday, local Tohono O'ocho (sp?) Indians camp out under ramadas and cook this very light and sweet bread. It's a lot like elephant ears at the State Fair, but much tastier.

Tomorrow they're calling for rain. If so, I'll try to get pictures afterwards of the desert flora blooming!

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