Sunday, January 20, 2008

Change is Change... and Exciting!

So, yes, I know what day it is. And I know I've not finished posting my pictures.

Life has a way of changing the gears on you when you least expect it! While I was in Las Vegas, I got a tentative job offer. When I got home, I interviewed - and accepted it. I will be working as an official court reporter in the state of NC starting on 2/1/08.

That, of course, necessitates some serious work on my part between now and the 1st. As a full-time employee, I will not have (probably) the amount of time during the week that I normally have to run errands and do projects, so I'm trying to get all that stuff done beforehand. The idea of doing my taxes in the next week is daunting - but that's not all I have to do. I have to go through my closet, get stuff to the dry cleaner or the tailor, contact all my agency clients and subs to let them know of the change, clean the house, organize my truck and my office, and do all the other minutiae involved in starting a new job.

It's exciting, though - the job isn't going to tie me to one particular office; no, it's a "rover" position, which means I'll still be able to travel. Just a little more locally, that's all.

I really do plan on getting the rest of the trip photos up. In fact, it's on my list... for tomorrow!

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