Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sedona and Vegas

I love Sedona. The red rocks are just awesome! It's a hidden gem. You don't see them coming from the road (I-17) and they kind of sneak up on you as you drive along AZ 179 into the village of Oak Creek. For my handbell-ringing friends, the first major formation is Bell Rock. There are fabulous features all throughout Sedona proper, along with ley lines and the pretty creek. There was even a bit of snow at the higher elevations.

This morning we had a great breakfast at The Coffeepot Restaurant (s0 named because it's below "Coffeepot Rock") - some great coffee and omelettes. Then the drive to Vegas. Longer than anticipated - Mom is driving again (a little Chevy Aveo) and the mountains are a bit tough on her acrophobia. She's not a big Vegas fan, so she may be turning around and driving back tomorrow.

The thing about this drive - if you're not interested in crossing Hoover Dam, you're going to take two sides of the triangle instead of the hypotenuse. That translates into about an hour or more longer on the drive. It ended up taking us five hours from Sedona. We did stop in Kingman, AZ, home of cowboy Andy Devine and Route 66 paraphernalia.

We've got a view from the 28th floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel out onto the Strip. The lights are awesome! I'll take some photos, I promise... just not today! I want to play.

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