Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Roving Week

This has been a crazy month for transitioning. As I'm now well into my fourth week of my new employment, I've driven quite a bit - so this traveling court reporter really IS traveling.

As you know, my first two weeks were spent in trial two counties away, driving about 45 minutes each way. The next week saw me spending my time close to home - Wake County only. Then this week, I was scheduled for a rocking week - Warren County, Caswell County, Vance County, Wake County - all in four days.

The good news is that Vance County's regular reporter was able to cover for today - so I'm back on the Board - and tomorrow both my cases are at the NC Business Court. The bad news, of course, is that gas prices have soared by about 20c/gallon in the past week. So the week with the "cheaper" gas, I didn't drive; the week where I was driving, well, let's just say $3.20/gallon was a heart stopper.

I'm meeting lots of nice people. New Judges, clerks, assistant clerks, sheriff's deputies, attorneys - now I just need a way to remember them all!

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