Thursday, March 6, 2008

Employee from Self-Employed

Going from being self-employed to being an employee is a change! Time sheets, mileage logs, state emails, protocols, training. Wow!

I turned in my first time sheet in 15 years on Monday. Got a paycheck too. A real, official check where some RETIREMENT savings was taken out automatically. That felt pretty awesome.

What I'm finding hard in this transition is really paying attention to my time and where it goes. Freelance, as long as you get your transcripts out, it doesn't matter when you do it; here, for the State, you're pretty much on-call for them from 8:30 to 5:30, so while I can run errands, I'm not really free. My weekends are now full of all the stuff that I used to do during the week - and I find I'm grumbling a little bit. It seems I'm now like everybody else. LOL.

The days when I'm on the Board are challenging. I try to spend at least a few hours upstairs in my office - filing, editing the hearings I've taken, getting paperwork done - but I'm still procrastinating on stuff that needs to be done: Taxes. I got my extension filed and even though I'm not in court today (or possibly tomorrow), I'm looking warily over at my table, knowing that I have to sort through all my reports and receipts and make sure the numbers tally with my QuickBooks.

Maybe I'll get called for court tomorrow.

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