Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bouncy... bouncy

I was a yo-yo this week! Scheduled for Wake, then Wayne, then Wake, then Wayne. Phew.

Had a nice day of motions Monday, a criminal trial Tuesday, more civil motions Wednesday - and GOT LUCKY Thursday. the rover I was covering for was able to come back to Wayne and finish on Thursday. Woo-hoo!

Next week is "out-of-court" week for the Judges' conference. The official reporters are having a day-and-a-half meeting in Chapel Hill. Hopefully that means Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are "free" for us to do errands and produce transcripts.

My learning curve is starting to lessen its slope - I'm getting procedures down a LOT better now than I did in the first couple of months. Things are becoming more and more natural to me. Still trying to get a rhythm, though, on backing up all my data files. Woo, it's a bear.

Still, I'm liking the new position, even with its occasional "hairy" moment.

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