Friday, June 20, 2008

School of Government

We had a GREAT seminar session put on by the AOC this week. It's Judges' conference, and the Bar conference (at the beach)... and also the Court Reporters' conference in Chapel Hill.

I had the opportunity to meet lots of official reporters I had not previously met in my wanderings through the state in convention mode. Some I had the opportunity to fill in for in the past few months, and I got to tell them how much I enjoyed working in their courthouses. And, of course, some of my old friends were there too (Hi BETH!!) that I haven't seen much of since school days.

We got inspired to get going on realtime certification by Melanie Sonntag, we got vastly entertained by an Aussie-accented attorney from the A.G.'s office who looks over our appellate transcripts (of course, we had some comments about THAT!), and we got a refresher course on exactly how to work our new time-entry system.

A good time was had by all (or at least by me!) during our "down week" at the conference. And it was only a "short drive" for me this time around.

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