Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anaheim Convention

Well, I participated in the airport Olympics again on Thursday en route to the NCRA Annual Convention in Anaheim, CA. My flight was delayed for almost four hours (East Coast weather kept me in Chicago's O'Hare for a while) before I got to the "OC" airport in Anaheim (officially called John Wayne Airport). Just in time for LA's infamous rush hour. Wow!

I missed the NCSA meeting - and a couple of friends of mine said that the meeting ended an hour early (What do they mean? I take up an HOUR of time when I get up to the mic when I speak?!) - and barely got in in time for the Opening Reception (for which ticket I paid $50!). Got to my room, met my roommate and proceeded directly to the reception. Nice food, good wine, and EXCELLENT company! I can't emphasize enough how great it is to come to a seminar and meet up with my friends. I love convention.

Friday dawned bright and early - seriously, I was awake at 5:30 a.m. (hey, that's 8:30 in Raleigh!) but managed to nap a little more... took a quick little trolley-bus to Disneyland resort. Spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom. Didn't ride too much, just walked around, viewing the sights, comparing it to WDW. My morning had to be cut short, though, because I had to return to the hotel to visit with my "Angel" friends for our annual "Angels Luncheon" - for folks who donate $1,000 to the Foundation. A different group of friends, more good food and wine, and a nice relaxing lunch.

Back to Disneyland, this time to the California Adventure. First things first, I took the "Soarin' Over California" ride - and did it "singled rider" status - basically no wait. You should've seen the lines! Sometimes it's good to be a "single" at a park like that. High Scool Musical had a little show that came around, saw the Pixar parade, and did a wine tasting! Not to mention I went to see "Turtle Time with Crush" and had a really great time!

Classes were great, the parties were fun, the educational opportunities were awesome. Participating in online voting was cool and a history-making event.

All in all, another GREAT convention experience!!

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