Saturday, June 28, 2008

At-Home Productivity

Sometimes I don't travel far. Instead, I stay and get transcripts out. I had some days in Raleigh this week, so I got to "play in Raleigh traffic" and construction in the downtown area (it's being revitalized, as they say).

Being productive in the home office is a GREAT feeling! A couple of appellate transcripts went out this week, all my backing up procedures got taken care of (making room on my computers' hard drives in the process), and desk space got cleared as well. Phew. I also got a new scanner so I can scan about six months' worth of documents (I killed my scanner last year and so I have a BOX full of paperwork that needs to be worked on - more at-home productivity projects.)

Next week the traveling reporter will be heading to Nash County again, my home away from home, in my NEW CAR! With gas prices being what they are, a more fuel-efficient vehicle was becoming a necessity. I am staying with GM - because I love my dealer and OnStar - and got a great little sports car that gets 35 mpg highway. It's a stick shift! I missed driving one. You'll see me coming, too, and I'll never lose the car - it's "Rally Yellow" in the Chevy Cobalt Coupe style. I can't remember the last time I got more than 20 mpg driving.

The Tahoe is going to be retired to the garage (once I sell the desk - anyone interested in a really GREAT piece of office furniture?) to be taken out for longer trips and any The Last Word corporate work that I need to do... and NCRA board/committee travel that may come up in the future (always good to plan ahead, don't you think?)

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