Friday, August 8, 2008

New Toys!

I can't come home from convention without at least one new toy, or the plan to purchase one. This last convention was no different.

I took my LightSpeed writer (that I bought at the Boston convention) to Anaheim to work with the tech folks there because I was having some difficulty getting a good translation. It worked. I now have a much more agreeable translation rate. But while sitting at Stenovations' booth, I saw a cute little notebook. Light. Small. Loaded with Windows XP.

Now, as a roving reporter, I have to pack up EVERY DAY and reset the next morning. It's grueling! And tough on the shoulders. With this little baby computer, I could carry everything in ONE BAG AND IT WOULD BE LIGHT!!! I bought one. (and it wasn't that expensive!)

Next week I travel all week for court in a district about an hour away. This will be the test of the new bag - one bag - to see if I can work all week with the new computer and still have it be functionally appropriate for me. The screen is small and they keyboard is VERY small - not meant for major editing (and I have big fingers... could be a challenge if I wanted to do much editing on it).

But I have a feeling that my new ASUS Eee (also Black like the LS) will make me wish I'd gone smaller years ago. I'm so psyched!

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