Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From December to January...

The End of the Year... a time to reflect on what we've learned, things we've done and some things we never finished. Friends we never connected with even though they're nearby; old friends we've rediscovered.. and the time we ponder how we will live in the upcoming year.

Here is a list of my top accomplishments for 2008:
  • New Job with the State of NC (and I LOVE IT!)
  • State-of-the-art equipment for my profession (still learning them)
  • Doctor's release after the 10th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis

Here are my goals for 2009 (keep me honest, please! Ask me how I'm doing):
  • Take and pass the CRR (certified realtime reporter) exam and earn a 15% raise
  • Attend the training workshop for my software to I can be more efficient at work
  • Increase my social time with my friends - esp. those I've missed this year
  • Assist students and new reporters are they make the transition to this profession
  • Eat better and exercise more (isn't that on everybody's list?)

Happy New Year... May 2009 be full of all good things.

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