Friday, May 1, 2009

What day is it?

Do you ever wonder what day it is? Seriously. As a roving reporter, I'm not always in court - I'm what's called 'on the board' or what most people consider on call. Which means that today didn't feel like Friday. And weekends don't always feel like weekends. Of course, reporters who are in freelance and in court often do work weekends too. It just feels like sometimes I have to look at the calendar to remember what day it is.

Speaking of calendars... I love having a duplicate resident on my computer. When I get ready to do the month-end paperwork or if someone contacts me for a transcript, I go to my online calendar and can figure out where I was, when, and then move ahead.

I like sharing my calendar, too. I have my practice (*ahem, when I practice*) on there, my exercise (*ditto*), my personal stuff, my husband's work schedule and his athletic calendar all available to me. It's cool for planning purposes. Makes me accountable. And the best part?

It highlights what day it is.

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