Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being busy... lazy... busy... procrastinating.

Well, so it's been over two months.
A lot's happened since end of June. July was a busy reporting month, with lots of travel.
August was convention month! Two conventions, NCRA in DC and NVRA in Nashville. Lots of excitement in both places.

I was awarded the Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters designation (wow! that was humbling, what an honor) in DC and was also a speaker in support of Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, who was elected by the membership to be President Elect and who will become NCRA president in 2010 in Chicago (her adopted hometown).

NVRA saw me learning more and more - and becoming excited, more and more - about the Speech Recognition capabilities of Dragon Naturally Speaking and Eclipse VOX product. I've bought a new computer with a fast processor and big HD and a lot of RAM. My goal is to take the RVR certification in the near future (taking a break from the CRR... you can only beat your head on the wall so long before you take the hint and have to really buckle down, you know?)

Anyway. It's fall again, thankfully. Cooler weather, sleeping with the windows open. Getting out and walking in the woods.

And hopefully posting more on the blog.
Sorry for being silent so long!

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