Monday, March 8, 2010

On being myself

I got an email today. The email congratulated me for being placed on the slate for the national association's board of directors. I had a nice interview with the nominating committee on Saturday up in the DC area. It only lasted an hour. It was pretty relaxed - more of a conversation than an interview, per se. The nice thing was I knew everyone in the room. Hopefully, that meant they knew me too.

My resume was sent in previously, as was a fairly comprehensive questionnaire. The conversation was pretty generic, but it made me think a little more clearly about where I stand about our profession. What I believe. What I see as our future in this ever-changing world of technology and declining budgets.

In other words, I grew. It felt really good, when our time was up, to realize that I hadn't been nervous. I had just been me. If the me that I am was what they wanted for the leadership of the association, then all well and good; if not, so be it. Either way, I was true to myself and learned a lot more about what I think about our profession.

To get the email today was humbling. It was an honor, too. To know that they had chosen me from a group of truly outstanding individuals was simply stunning. But challenging too. I wonder what they have in mind for me.

Please let me know how I can help YOU while I serve the membership and the reporting profession. I love my profession and my career. I want you to succeed as well.

It's going to be an interesting three years and I hope I can meet the challenges and live up to your expectations.

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