Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being Active

So this career field can cause a bit of spread, if you know what I mean. We sit all day doing our jobs and then we sit some more in front of a computer to produce our work. It's imperative to move around a bit. I will admit that I'm not much of an athlete. Strike that. I'm NOT an athlete at all. I'm a musician, but not even that much anymore.

You read my New Year's Resolutions - one was to work out four days a week (not doing too well with that, but I have had injuries/illness) and to take one class per semester. Well, I'm trying to get really focused. I'm healthy again. AND I registered for an eight-week dance class. Yes, I of the two left feet, have decided to learn how to line dance. First class was Tuesday, March 9. It was a lot of fun, and I don't think I did too poorly. Of course, next week will be the test.

The good news is I was out there, working up a sweat for over 90 minutes. I was moving. I was having fun. Find your fun, get out there, and move! Don't sit at your computer all day.

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