Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Politics as UNusual

I don't believe in negative campaigning. My philosophy is to tell people about myself and why I believe I'm the best candidate. I'm not going to go out on a mud-smearing campaign to denigrate my opposition. A factual recitation of what each of us does where, our backgrounds, etc, is fair game. However, let's not turn this into what our national political landscape looks like; where people cannot even have a bumper sticker on their car without it being keyed, where someone's name is "bastardized" to make it crude. This is not civilized and we, of all people, understand the need for civility.

So please be kind in your debate and don't name-call or be intentionally mean-spirited. We are all court reporters, passionate about our profession. I would hate for friendships to be dissolved (or ripped asunder) because of a political contest.

May the best candidate win. Please vote on August 5, whether in Chicago or at home, online.

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