Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up to the Challenge

When I was nominated for service on the national board, I knew that there was a chance that my position would be challenged. I had hoped it wouldn't be, but officially my fitness for service on the NCRA board of directors as a three-year director has been challenged. So now begins a campaign for a voluntary position, wherein my qualifications, motives, and even love of profession could be called into question. I'm not a political animal, per se; more a lover of what I do.

My philosophy throughout the campaign will be simple: no denigrating the opponent(s). I don't believe in name calling. I believe in reasonable people having honest discussions. I am outspoken and strong willed, but am willing to listen to all sides of an argument; indeed, I have been persuaded in the past that perhaps my original opinion on a topic was wrong. What scares me more than anything about this eventuality is the thought of losing friends or the respect of someone whose opinion I value. That's not exciting.

All I have ever wanted to do is give back to a profession that has given me so much. I've spent all of my reporting career volunteering, even some of my scoping career volunteering. Why? Because I found a place that feels like home.

Ask me a question. I'll try to answer (hypotheticals, though, are difficult). If we disagree, please let's do so without rancor and emotion. I know we're all passionate about our profession, but let's remember to use not only our hearts, but our heads, too.

I ask for your vote in August. Thank you.

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