Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Put it out to the universe

My assignment is generally motions practice, with the occasional trial thrown in.  Then, on days when I'm not in motions, it's a "whatever you get" kind of thing.  Could be plea court, misdemeanor appeals, administrative calendar - or even a trial - in another county.

You have to be ready for anything.  You have to keep your computer cleared off, your supplies stocked, your bag correctly packed (don't forget to put something back in there if you took it out).  But most of all, you have to put it out to the universe that you're ready for anything.  Bring it on!

In my world, that means I would love the opportunity to get a transcript or a meaty case that I can sink my brain into - I want to continue to challenge myself and grow as a professional.  When you make yourself open to these kinds of things, they come to you.  If you are continually negative about things, that's what you'll get back.

So send out positive waves to the universe and may you receive the positive waves back.  And, by the way, I just got notice of an appeal.  It works.  Really.

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