Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank you, scheduling gods

so I got a gift today - more production time.  thankfully!

I sure don't mind reporting a criminal case if that's what I'm scheduled to do; indeed, it's my job.  But with a looming appellate deadline and a few hundred pages still to be edited, I could use some more edit time.  I got my wish.  The defendant who was set to have her trial today (Friday), decided over the Veterans Day holiday to plead down and take probation.  Instead of being in court all day, I was on the record for about 40 minutes and done for the week - court adjourned sine die.

After a quick trip home (about 75 minutes to drive it), I was back at my computer working on my transcripts by lunchtime.

What I've said before about putting it out there to the universe works.  The question is now, of course, will I take advantage of all the extra editing time I've been given.

(hopefully the answer is yes - I'll let you know when it's time to deliver that transcript!)

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