Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blasts from the Past

Having spent the first (almost) decade of my reporting career in the freelance arena, I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful attorneys.  I developed a great rapport with some.  Some others I consider to be "favorites."  I know, like parents, we're not supposed to really have favorites.  But I do.  (I'm NOT a mother, though)

I had a happy circumstance in an out-of-town assignment the other day.  I was in an unfamiliar courtroom, not the best layout, new judge, etc.  But as the courtroom started to fill up, a friendly and familiar face came up before the Bar.  I was delighted to see one of my "favorites" from my deposition practice.  Made me smile.
And it was nice to have a little bit of friendly banter with someone that I knew and could relax around.  It was a good day in court. 

I hope you all have those attorneys who, whenever you see them, make you smile.

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