Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Friends We Make

I love the fact that this profession has brought me the gift of very good friends.  People whom I would not have met but for the fact that I love reporting and going to conventions to get re-energized about it.

This weekend my husband and I drove up to visit one such friend - well, actually two; a husband and wife team.  The reporter I met first; his wife, a former court reporter and now educator and scopist/proofer, a couple of conventions after.

These people are kindred spirits.  A little off.  Foodies.  Movie-speakers.  Thinkers.  And professionals passionate about their careers.  It's a joy to spend two days with like-minded people, just talking.  We never turned on the television or the radio.  It was non-stop conversation (and eating).

The beauty is that these two are just two of the many good friends I've made in my 20 years in the profession.  I'm thankful for every one of my friends - the ones who live around the corner, down the road, or several states away.  Court reporting has been very, very good to me.

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