Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I spent the weekend at the NCRA convention in Las Vegas this past weekend.  I had a spa day at the Canyon Ranch Spa.  Then I taught a couple of seminars (TEAM training for officials - don't ask me what the acronym stands for - and the Current State of Realtime Technology for Voice).  I was always running into people I knew... being hugged (nice - I'm getting better at it!).  We went to a karaoke joint.  Had some nice meals.  Hung out with some cool folks.

All the while I was thinking, "What will Monday be like?"  Because Monday, after all, is the first day that I'm NOT working for the State and I don't have any 'assignments' to cover as a reporter.  Of course, I still have transcript to produce, but the deadline is still over a week out.

Turns out Monday was pretty relaxing.  Make that VERY relaxing.  I slept most of it.  I think I was really tired from the Paris and Las Vegas trips, not to mention the stress of the past few months.  Today, however, was a work day.  I got a little bit of scoping done for those transcripts, answered emails and phone calls, ran errands.  And I didn't HAVE to be anywhere.  Yep, that felt pretty good.

I'm excited about being free of the constraints of a daily job - even though my assignment was one of the best.  I just work better in an unrestrained, unfettered environment.

I think that's what I learned about myself in the past three years; I love what I do, but there are places I'm better suited than others.  But it takes all kinds, and I'm glad to know that several of my colleagues are more at home in the courtroom than the deposition suite.  As long as we're all taking care of that record, that's what's important.

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