Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Procrastination

I'm a procrastinator.  The fewer things I have going, the longer it takes for any of them to get done.  If I have a million things on my plate, they all get done.  But I get tired.  And cranky.

In 2010, I dissolved my corporate entity (The Last Word, Inc. - catchy, eh?).  It's now August of 2011, and I have yet to file the last corporate tax return.  Oh, I filed for the extension.  Did the dissolution paperwork with the Secretary of State and the Employment Security Commission.  But now September 15 is looming and I have a ton - really, it seems like it - of paperwork to get to the accountant.  Sadly, MOST of it was done by January 31st.  Really, after all, I needed to do the 1099s for my subs (notice how THEY could get their taxes done on time!).

So here I am, knowing that my accountant's office closes early on Friday, and I'm trying to get all that "other" stuff packaged up and organized so that she has two full weeks to get my corporate stuff done.  Then, of course, it's on to the personal stuff (which has until the 15th of October!).

I guess my goal should be to have a lot on the plate, but very little of it "pressing" and more of it just fun stuff I want to do.  Then I can use the fun stuff as the reward for doing the nasty bits.

If anyone has any cures for procrastination, I'm up for hearing it.  Tomorrow. 

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