Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Ill Wind...

Irene did little damage to those of us in the south - wind brought some trees down and the water level did rise; where she did an amazing amount of damage is up north, where their water levels are still rising, a day after the storm. 

I had originally posted that I thought that the media was stirring up a panic level that was unwarranted - and I qualified it, for HERE, in NC.  I think, though, that based on the reporting, their level of concern was justified for the heavily populated northeast.  The folks in that region were already saturated with wet - and now all the rivers are above flood stage by several feet; the babbling brooks are now roaring rivers.

Most of my friends and family have been lucky in that they were able to leave, or they were on high ground.  But still, the effects of this storm will be long-lasting and devastating to local economies.

Irene was definitely a nonstarter in our area, but she left a very bad aftertaste for many in the northeast.  God bless and Godspeed.

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