Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sitting... and not.

I've never been a fan of exercise.  nope.  not ever.  Growing up, the most exercise I got was walking to/from school (downhill on the way to, uphill on the way home) about a mile each way.  I might have ridden my bike to the McDonald's where I worked across the river (2 miles each way, maybe?).  But that's it.  I walked and biked around campus in college.

Then, when I grew up and entered the workforce, well, I started sitting.  and spreading.  Now as a court reporter and editor for same, I spend my entire waking life seated.  Even with the massage every three weeks, something had to give.  I'm always tight.  sore.  completely inflexible (meaning not flexible body-wise; I'm pretty easygoing mostly).  I have GOT to find something.

So I've been trying yoga.  I have done it in the past as an every-now-and-then, one-class thing.  And then I give up.  it's just too much.  That's my fault for not doing my research.  I've started researching now.  I have a one-month Groupon to use up at a Vinyasa studio where a friend teaches - Vinyasa being a pretty intense, high-energy workout.  I don't know how many classes I'll take after my Groupon is used up, but I've learned some things.

The feeling after yoga - even if you don't eat for two hours before, which they recommend - is great.  I wasn't hungry.  I wasn't tired.  I was all warm.  Even if a bit sore.  A yoga workout really can make you sweat (well, Vinyasa can, anyway).  And I have no balance.  Yet.

I think that my body needs to ease into yoga.  I found a Hatha style (more gentle) locally in Wake Forest, and also a private teacher in Raleigh; may try them.  Found some books at Amazon.  And an interesting exercise DVD called Callanetics (from the '80s).

After only two classes, I can feel the difference - my breathing is deeper; my muscles, while achy, are happy; and I actually am looking forward to learning more.

Everybody needs to get off their chair once in a while.  Hopefully learning the asanas will teach me more more balance, calmness, and get me to focus more on what I'm doing when I am seated in front of the computer.


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