Monday, November 14, 2011

Reaffirmation... compliments on a job well done

So today is Monday.  We know how most folks feel about Monday.  Add to that that I'm NOT a morning person, and you can understand where I come from.

As I sat this morning sipping my second cuppa joe, I heard my email ping.  I pulled up my iPad and looked at the email.  It was from an attorney for whom I did a portion of a three-week trial, including some rough-draft days.  The attorney was getting ready to argue before the Court of Appeals.  He took the time to thank me for the quality of work that I had produced to him, the accuracy of the transcripts, the ease of use of the files I sent to him.  He acknowledged that he's not the easiest attorney to take down (he's a speed-talker!) and thanked me for all the hard work that he knew I put into the transcript.

Unsolicited thanks for a job well done.  We don't often get that in our business.  In the court setting, of course, the attorneys are not sure who they're going to get as a reporter; they have to live with whomever is assigned on a particular week.  I'd like to think that all the reporters in the courthouse provide the same level of service, but I don't know.  All I know is that this attorney didn't have to say a word, but he did.

Every day, no matter where I am reporting, I strive to do my very best; it's really nice to know that people out there notice.  Everybody loves to get an "attaboy/attagirl" once in a while.  I know my day sure looks brighter today.

I think the next time I get good service at a retail outlet, I'm going to let the manager know.  It's so easy to complain; it's much more unexpected when you get a compliment. 

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