Friday, January 27, 2012

On Administrivia

As working reporters, we sometimes get bogged down in the daily work of reporting and producing pages.  But there's more to a business than the actual WORK.  There's the little thing called paperwork.  Most of us hate it.  I challenge you to look at your desk right now.  How big is the pile of bills to be paid, invoices to be filed/mailed, etc?

The thing is, the paperwork - or administrivia as I like to call it - is VITALLY IMPORTANT to the success with your business.  Rather, keeping UP with it is.  Bills have to be paid timely every month to keep your credit score healthy.  Invoices have to be produced and mailed, and collected (which is often the hardest part) in order for your business to have a healthy cash flow.

I've made a date with myself.  Every Friday morning I sit down and clear off my desk and file things, get things ready for the post, and just generally review what's on my plate to be sure nothing falls through the cracks.  I can't guarantee that it works 100 percent, because I might forget to write something down to begin with, but it's a good habit to get into and I think it makes my brain and heart rest a little easier over the weekend if I know I've done all that needed to be done and hit the post office with what needed to go before the close of the week.

Even though you hate it, try to make a date with yourself to keep current on your operating minutiae.  You'll be glad you did (and so will your accountant!).

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