Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exercise and the hidden Gotcha!

One of the other things that has been in the forefront of my mind has been the need to be more active.  With that in mind (in January) I decided that I needed a little more accountability in my fitness regimen, so I decided to join the local gym/wellness center.

I've always been pretty healthy (except for that cancer thing a dozen years back) and don't go to the doctor very often.  Sadly, because I DID have that cancer thing, the facility wouldn't accept me until I got a doctor's release.   (Sometimes being honest can be a pain in the patootie)  Off I went to my GP's office.  There they said, "You haven't been here in three years; in order for him to release you, we'll have to do a full physical."  I decided to try elsewhere.  Called the oncologist.  Their office said, "He released you to your GP four years ago; we can't do this for you."  I knew I couldn't go to my GYN because, well, I'd been MIA from there for about 15 months.  But I did make an appointment.

Ended up going to the GP and getting a physical.  Wherein he said, "You could lose a little weight."  Um, Yeah, dude, that's why I'm trying to get you to release me.  *headdesk*  "Oh," he said, "have your GYN do a urinalysis."  Okay.  Went to the girl doc and she says, "Yep, you do have blood in urine.  And you'll need to get an ultrasound done because, hey, by the way, you have fibroids."

HOLD THE PHONE!  This bloaty feeling isn't from JUST sitting at my desk, not exercising, and enjoying my food?!  Nice.

I get a referral to a urologist (still had pesky blood).  Turns out THAT is okay, just my "normal" - and whoever said I was, anyway? - but that the CT showed the measurements.  And so did the ultrasound.  Let's just say if someone is missing a football, I know where it is.

Needless to say, medical stuff doesn't just go like clockwork and all the above 'work' that I did ended up taking about three months.  Blogging DEFINITELY wasn't on the top of my to-do list.  Heck, I was all freaked out there for a little while because I didn't want that cancer thing to come back, you know?  And with all the urology stuff, well, that bothered me.

The good news is that I'm going to have surgery on June 25 to rectify the situation.  Of course, I'll be down for a couple of weeks and on some very interesting pain meds (probably no blogging then, either), but I'll have to deal with it.  Wait... the Tour de France starts on June 30.  Yeah, I'll be fine.

But the REALLY good news is, after I get all this done, I can actually GO TO THE GYM!

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