Friday, July 2, 2010

That OMG moment!

Most of us have had "the dream" - you know, where you wake up and you're at the deposition/courthouse without your writer and you're taking it all down furiously on a legal pad or something. (a version of the SATs naked, I suppose)

I had a horrible moment today - the criminal calendar I was working earlier in the week (M-T) was supposedly going to wrap on Wednesday. Another reporter covered Wednesday because I had to be in my Business Court assignment (also there Thursday). So today, Friday, I didn't go to court (I was originally scheduled to be back at the criminal session) because I assumed it was, well, over. The ADA told me that all the trials fell apart and that he was going to run a few pleas on Wednesday and that would be that.

At 9:30 - ON THE DOT - I had this horrible thought: What if I was supposed to be there this morning? And there I was, sitting with sweats on, working on a transcript, drinking coffee. Called my scheduling coordinator and, thankfully, she hadn't gotten any frantic calls.

Apparently I had an angel on my shoulder.
Lesson for the day? Always follow up, even if you THINK you know.

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