Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And the Work Begins!

After the Labor Day holiday, I said... That's when I'll start taking work.  Well, I fudged a bit and took a short depo day in August, and a quick scope job, but that's all.  But now, the real fun and excitement begins.

I have a fairly large list of potential clients, and they range from newbie reporters (under five years) to super-experienced reporters (realtime providers with over 20 years).  The best, though, is that they're willing to dive in and go.  I've got my Eclipse folks, and because of a request for DigitalCAT, I've ordered that editing software, too.  That brings in another three (so far!) potentials.  Wow.

Now I just have to remember that I still will have time-management issues, albeit much better ones since I'm working from home and can say NO if I want to.  :)

Thanks to all the new clients.  And potential ones, too.  Looking forward to working with you.

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